Monday, April 30, 2007

Birthday! Birthday! Coming to Earth Day!

Here it is! The long-awaited recap of the four day (and some change) birthday celebrations!

Day 1: Birthday Breakfast at Kneaders, some studying, Happy Birthday in French, and by hte Boyer kids, flowers from Mom, a somewhat coherent birthday wishes from Chris, a punny card from Dad, dinner at Thai Ruby, and a friend's concert at Muse Music. (A crazy performer sang happy birthday to me there. Unfortunately, I have no pictures, but really, just picture me awkward.)

Day 2: A pseudo-date at Nickelcade, followed by a panicked trip to campus to turn in an almost-forgotten take-home final, and a Guitar Hero extravaganza.

Day 3: Tasty lunch with Mom and Chris at Carrabbas, where I got a new mouse and the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack.

Day 4: Floats at the Training Table, where the teenage employees sang the most terrible rendition of the Happy Birthday song I have heard to date. It was awesome.

Christopher also bought me a book, and the Happy Birthday wishes trickled in for days afterward. Thus far, I love being 24.

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Naomi said...

Happy Birthday again, Megs. And may I just say if I already haven't"