Sunday, February 10, 2008

A beautiful day...

I can't believe I haven't posted since December 18. Please forgive me. I'm still around, I had a great Christmas and New Year, I live in Provo again, and I'm just over two months away from graduating.

Yesterday, on what was the the most gorgeous day of 2008 so far, I drove up to Park City to see Jeanne Wright, my very best good friend. We've known each other since we were 8. I was excited to see her.

We had lunch at a yummy restaurant, browsed the shops on Main Street, and had caramel apples from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Then we went to the outlet mall where I found a pair of cute pants that I look forward to wearing as a professional person. I might wear them a time or two before that happens, but I have to be careful, because as my mom pointed out, I don't have good luck with cute pants in the icy winter (read: I'm klutzy and I'll end up falling and putting holes in them.)

Anyway, the day was perfect, and even when I got home, I still managed to get a lot of Saturday-type things accomplished.

And today? I used my ironing board, Mom.


Chris said...

I would willingly commit a crime to get some of those apples.

jeff said...

Welcome back to the sphere of blogs. We've missed you.

Caramel/candy apples from RMCF are pretty much the most incredible thing I've ever eaten.

Jenna said...

I added your blog to my reader. I will be commenting regularly as long as you write interesting things. Which shouldn't be a problem for you since you are very interesting.

MOM said...

My, oh my, oh my! Cutest picture of you and Jeanne. And might I add--apples, caramel and nuts--is there a more celestial combination of yummies in all the world?

Mattie said...

Those apples are pretty much delectable. I would like to see these pants... I'm glad you finally updated :)

Rachel said...

Me want food!!

(How's that for a comment, you whiner!)

Love ya! :)