Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Common sense, please.

Every semester, two days before finals, hoards of really entitled students come waltzing in to my work place to look at the midterms they've taken. It's a friendly service their professor offers them so they can see how they can improve before they take the final. So I think it's funny when a) they wait until now to look at the tests, when they've been available for weeks and weeks, and then b) get really riled up when we (my coworker and I) don't drop everything we're doing to help them, because whatever we're doing (like updating this blog) must be insignificant in the shadow of their final.

My favorite though, is when they get riled enough to badmouth the professor, who happens to be my boss. And they do so loud enough to where I can hear every word. Sure, I've been frustrated with professors, and I've done my share of badmouthing. But I have common sense enough to not do so when their employees are sitting in the next room and happen to be reveling in the idea of telling said professor every world they overheard and then giggling sadistically while they watch my grade plummet. Because right now, I think that would be a great thing to do.

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Randy and Ally said...

Ha, ha!! I like the evil way you think . . .