Monday, April 14, 2008

On the first day of birthday celebrations...

I won't lie to you: I am a shameless promoter of my own birthday celebrations. Some might think this is pretentious. I would argue, then that the whole idea of a blog, where one presumes that people are interested in the daily minutiae of one's life is pretentious (as is the use of the word minutiae). But we all do it and we all enjoy it. I would also argue, that while I promote it, it is your choice, dear readers, whether you will jump on the Megan's Birthday Celebrations bandwagon. Did I force my mother to sing "Happy Birthday" to me this morning, four days before my actual birthday? Was it my choice that the delightful women I work with are waiting until the 29th to take me to lunch? No. So, now that the birthday celebration endcaps are placed beyond my control, I will take it upon myself to celebrate my hardest in the meantime.

Besides, a girl only turns 25 once.


jeff said...

I too have no qualms about pimping my birthday either. How else will people know when to give you presents? Plus, 4/20 is a really cool birthday to have.

Oops, did that slip out? Yep, my birthday is right around the corner as well. I'm hoping to only turn 28 once, but I know many women who have turned 28 a dozen times or more.

Happy birthday Megan! I'll try to think of something pretentious for Script Frenzy for you.

MOM said...

What? No mention of your amazing birthday dinner five days before the actual event? By the way--you were delightful company and I love you tons. 25 years? Impossible!