Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Script Frenzy

April is National Script Writing Month. April is also my last month of college, complete with final papers, projects, exams, graduation, and moving.

A dilemma, no?

It's possible, if I manage my time and not procrastinate the necessary things, that I may have 3 days at the end of of April to bust out 100 pages. Possible, but not probable, but I'm willing to give one last college try.

That's where you come in.

After all of the papers, projects, exams, graduating and moving, chances are, I'm going to be emotionally, mentally, physically and most importantly, creatively exhausted.

If you're willing, leave me a comment that includes the following:
  • A Name (First and last, because this is hard for me.)
  • A Place (Specific geographic areas, like Bozeman, Montana; Stockton, California; or generic locations like a library, or a mall)
  • An Object (My laptop, a magic bean, etc)

Let's see what happens. Hey, if all else fails, this could be the best MadLibs ever.


Jenna said...

How about writing the story of my life? It's getting pretty complicated.

1. Jenna Andersen
2. Born in the U.S., moving to Poland
3. A marriage, trying to convince my family that we really are moving, , and the list goes on and on

Rachel said...

1. Jerusha Clementine Jenkins
2. An underground bunker
3. A Geiger counter

If you don't pick my three I'll be super disappointed.

Randy and Ally said...

1. Agnes Conder
2. Highway rest-stop
3. a clown wig

Yancy said...

i have 1/2 a moleskin full of this stuff that I had to write up every day for my screenwriting class. Maybe I should type some up and send to you.