Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I know this doesn't seem like a timely post, but I finally downloaded pictures from my camera. Just feel grateful that I didn't take you back to graduation in April. And I think you'll forgive me once you get taste of this:

And this:

But, let's back up. I took my first day of paid time off and flew to Coeur d'Alene to visit my sister. She picked me up in Spokane and we went to visit some apple farms to see if she could find her favorite apple of ever. While we were there, I took the opportunity to walk with Clara through the leftovers of the pumpkin patch. She liked it. Truth be told, however, that her favorite part was probably tromping about in the dusty dirt.

Next it was time to get ready for pumpkins, or "cuppins" as Clara calls them, and as they are now referred to in the Bryson household. Getting Clara ready for cuppin carving (it does do something pleasing for the alliteration, I'll give her that) involves stripping her down to her onesie and putting on a full body smock-like bib.

Don't let that stellar grin fool you. Sure, she had her cute little kiddie cuppin scoop in hand. But let's take a little gander at what happens when it's crunch time.

Cuppins and Bear Caves from Megan Welton on Vimeo

Don't worry, because being the Best Aunt Ever that I am, I was there to come to her rescue. It's just practice for when I need to have her back for the truly scary things in the world: like boys, or visits to the lady doctor, all though the latter, I'll probably leave up to her mom.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much taken up by basking in the beauty of surrounding environs, and the cuteness of small children. I even got to watch Wallace & Grommitt with Clara while Jonathan napped, leaving Rachel and Jeremy an entire free hour by themselves at Costco. I'm pretty sure there's room for my Best Sister Ever badge to go next to the Best Aunt Ever ribbon.

Now, while I finish waiting for my video to load, here are two more pictures of Clara. The first, she's thoroughly enjoying my fakesie Uggs:

And here, she's sporting my Farmer Hat. She really loved it. I often found her sneaking in to my suitcase to find it. I tried to get a pic of her sporting both the boots and the hat at the same time, but that was too much to ask for.


Jenna said...

Was that your sisters blog you linked to? Because I totally commented on it, LOL.

She is so adorable. How can you stand being away from her all the time?

Megan said...

Yeah it was, and I saw your comment. Fantastic.

Also, I don't stand it well. My sis and her family where in town for last almost two weeks and I'm pretty sure I cried a lot when they left. I don't see why my sisters feel the need to be far away.

MOM/SUSAN said...

Hurray for more pictures! Hurray for Megan, the very best Auntie in the world! And, let me add, not a bad photographer of funny and cute Clara.
I can hardly wait to photos of your tree!

Randy and Ally said...

Those are pretty much the cutest costumes ever. I can't wait for next year when I get to torture Wesley with whatever cuteness I can stuff him into . . .

Rachel and Jeremy said...

I like reading about people thinking my kids are cute on someone else's blog. Classic. Also, does Jenna think I am adorable, or Clara? Probably both, let's be honest. And I know you can't stand being away from me.

On the subject of apples, briefly, I think that my post about the empire was the most-commented-upon post of all time on my blog. Next year I am going to do a blind taste test of all the apples to settle this question once and for all. And the Empire will win.