Monday, April 20, 2009

Life pretty much doesn't get any better.

This is what I call a perfect end to Birthday Fortnight Round 1:

Lunch at Les Madeleines with the promise of this...

...for breakfast tomorrow.

And, as a special surprise, I just found out I won Jenna's contest!

So, thanks Birthday Fortnight Fairies, for the abundance of Birthday Miracles hurled my way.


MOM/SUSAN said...

Wow Megan, you won! Now that's a real birthday miracle. I can't wait to see the winnings and I'm so glad your birthday just keeps on giving and giving.

e & d said...

Congrats megan! And Happy birthday!
~emily (Calla Lily Jewelry)

Rachel and Jeremy said...

Wow--I feel all Proust-y and nostalgic looking at that pastry.