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Georgia on my mind




Warning: This is a terribly long post to appease my mother. If you are not a member of my immediately family (or on second thought, even if you are), you can skip the text heavy (albeit highly entertaining) description and skim right through to the photos. They’re fun.

I left for Georgia on Thursday really early in the morning I managed to leave myself just enough time to where I didn’t have to stop from the time I parked my car to the time I took my seat on the plane. “Just enough time” is the rough equivalent of “leaving house one hour before lift off, since that’s how I roll. The same rule applied for my layover in Atlanta.

I was greeted Jacksonville by Matthew (4) and Joshua (2) and Naomi (She’d kill me if I said). Matthew had interesting things to say, like “You’re a winner, Aunt Megan.” Joshua was a trooper for having a pretty high temperature.

Joshua The Trooper
Matthew The Ham
Megan The Excited To Not Be Traveling

We made the excruciatingly long and trafficky trip from Jacksonville, Fl. to Hinesville, Ga. At one point, Joshua quite literally tossed the cookies he was eating.

On our way home, we found out Jacob’s (A week from 9) little league game was called on account of rain. That was sad. We got to the Barley house where Kaylee (6), without any ado, warns us to not step in any of Jacob’s vomit. Turns out, he ate two pickles which did not agree with him. Awesome.

We put kids to bed and proceeded to watch the season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance which Jarum and Naomi so accommodatingly recorded for me. During this time we discovered that Brownie, the puppy, had not eaten any of her dinner. She was also very wet because of the aforementioned rain. So we brought her inside and notice she is very sedate. Brownie was then cuddled her in an attempt to warm her up with towels.

It wasn’t too long before she vomited as well. For those of you counting at home, that’s 2 children and a dog. Don’t worry, because Kaylee had a sympathy vomit scare. Don’t worry, nothing happened. I did threaten to buy a plane ticket home. Heavens.


All of the small children felt better about life. Jacob and Kaylee went off to their last day of school. Me The other munchkins and I hung out. Jarum went off to work out for like 4 hours. He’s a little insane. Naomi and I took the smaller two to drive around Ft Stewart. It’s really cool. We also ate yummy sandwiches at Michael’s (not the craft store) for lunch. I had mine with a side of fried okra. DELICIOUS!


We spent the afternoon at Serbannah (Matthew-ese for Savannah) That was fun as well. The kids ate disgusting blue ice cream. I loved Savannah, so much so that I have already looked up information on the Savannah College of Art and Design. They have a dramatic writing program. Seriously, it’s a charming, charming place. (Pic of Factor’s walk, roof tops, and Paula Deen.

Factor's Walk, Savannah, Ga.

Savannah Rooftops

Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady & Sons

At church, I got suckered into playing the opening hymn in Relief Society. This happens when your sister is a really good piano player; people generally think you are also really good. I managed to fake it okay. Anyway, It was a great ward. I would have loved to be a missionary in that area.

We also barbecued, since we couldn’t be sure we would have another fine evening. There was a lot of rain happening. Anyway, the barbecue was delicious. Then for Sunday Game night, we had a Wii Sports Olympics night. It turns am terrible at Wii sports. The only thing I was mildly good at was putting.

(Side note: When we put the small children to bed, they proceed to come out of their bedrooms for the next 2 hours to tell us “really important stuff.” It was one such time that Matthew came out with a lego-made structure, informing us that it was a Bertar. You know, for Bertar Hero.)

Bertar Hero! from Megan on Vimeo.

Memorial Day: on our way out of town, we went on post to pay our respects to those from the Third Infantry Division who died in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. It was very moving. It made me think about things I hadn’t yet considered, but now is really not the time or the place to discuss them. Email me, and I’ll tell you all about them.

Anyway, we went on to Serbanna again and Tybee Beach! In celebration of Dad’s birthday, we tried to eat at this place called Mrs. Wilkes’ Boarding House. Basically, you and ten friends/strangers sit a table and eat every good thing the South has to offer. The bad news: it was closed for Memorial Day. The good news: we had the pleasure of seeing the Most Charming Street Ever. Did I mention that I love Savannah?

I read up on the GRE Literature Subject Test while enjoying some sun. By “enjoying some sun” I mean that I’m still peeling.


I woke up and immediately went to Food Lion to restock Naomi’s supply of Ibuprofen and to buy some Aloe Vera in a vain attempt to make the flight that much more bearable.

We went back on post one more time to see the PX which is a fancy, fancy store for the soldiers and those who love them. I hit the jackpot and came away with lovely Lancome makeup that was sold at a lovely discount price. I came home and packed and got ready to go.

Where's Joshy? Or, Plum Tuckered After a Particularly Rousing Game of Help Aunt Megan Pack

We made the long trip back to Jacksonville (less trafficky this time). I felt bad for Naomi, because every time we drove in the car I would get really, really sleepy sitting in the passenger side. I haven’t been the passenger in such a long time that I forgot this about myself. So sorry, Naomi.

Naomi dropped me off pretty early at the airport, since she needed to be back in time for Jacob’s make-up game. Luckily Jacksonville Airport sports the free Wi-Fi so I managed to watch Glee. And Flight of the Conchords. So it all worked out. I survived the flight to Minneapolis (if you think that’s a random layover, you’re not alone) where I witnessed the world’s most disorganized boarding of a flight, ever. It took an hour. I got to Salt Lake, miraculously remembered where I parked my car, drove the harrowing ten minutes to my beloved house in the Avenues, and slept in my bed like a little baby.

Glamor Shots By Jacob

Momma's Boys

Goofy Fun!
The illusive Smiling Jarum!
Thanks for the great time, Small Children!


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Wonderful photos Megan--almost like being there. And thanks to all of your readers for putting up with your lovely desire to make me happy.
You are the best.

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Great post. Did you get to sleep in that teeny tiny Sponge Bob bed?

I had to link to Vimeo to see the Bertar Hero video. Totally worth it. I can't wait to see those kids again!