Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bibliophiles: Commence jealousy now.

I decided recently that I needed something enriching to fill my time in the evenings. Something that I would enjoy, something that would potentially help out others, something that got me out of the house when I wasn't at work. (I love my house, don't get me wrong, but everyone gets cabin fever. I think the proved it on Mythbusters one time.)

Anyway, I also love the public library here in SLC. Love it. It's beautiful and wonderful. So I filled out an application to volunteer. On Monday I met with the volunteer coordinator, and she matched me with two programs I'm really excited about.

1) Mov'n: Once a month I check out books and deliver them to a resident of a local elderly home who can't make it to the library themselves. It's kind of like being the iTunes Genius, but with books (e.g. if they like this book, then perhaps they'll like this book and this book and this book.

2)Friends of the Library Organization: For this job, (and this is where the jealousy comes in) I use my new magnetic key card that gets me into the Library's. Inner. Sanctum. And let me just tell you, the back end of the library is just about as cool as the front end. Then I go in to a huge room of books. Shelves and shelves of books that have been donated and that are usually sold for a $1. Once I'm there, I go through and find the ones that are worth more than a $1. And then I get to read through them, write a mini review of them, and then list them on Amazon. Gloria, the lovely woman who was training me, told me I get to be as creative as I want.

This may not sound super exciting for some of you, so let me clarify. I have key card access to normally closed doors. For any of you who know me, you'll know that I love key card access to anything. The only thing that would make it cooler is this access required a retina scan. Then I skim books and write about them. This is a wonderful, wonderful thing!

So, next time you're on Marketplace, find the books sold by The Library Store. Chances are you'll find listings written by Yours Truly, so you can depend on their dependability.


MOM/SUSAN said...

You life just keeps getting better and better Megan. Wow. Book heaven for sure. Question: what if the books are...shall we say...less than uplifting...if you know what I mean?
Just wondering.

Mallory said...

Sounds exciting! :)

Miss Nesbit said...

That sounds amazing! Believe me I am totally jealous! That sounds great! Way to go!

sam said...

megan, it's sam, email me.