Monday, August 10, 2009

Movie Monday, part II (i.e. no video)

This weekend has been a bit of a whirlwind. Applying/interviewing for a job I really want, having my computer (in other words, my entire life) potentially crap out on me, preparing/teaching a Relief Society lesson, and a lot of back-and-forthing among Salt Lake City, Provo, Springville and Lehi.

However, there were great things that happened:
  • Watching North & South with roommates (and might-as-well-have-been roommates) past, all while drinking delicious teas and eating scones, salads, cold sandwiches, sorbets and every good thing. Seriously. If you or someone you love has a Netflix account, steal the password and watch it On Demand. Right now.
  • Watching Julie and Julia. I already blogged about it. In fact, it was so recent, I'm not even going to take the trouble of linking to the post.
  • Watching Psych while eating delicious pineapple salsa and Pineapple Punch Bowl Surprise. You know, the kind where you mix pineapple juice and a soda of some sort and then dump pineapple sherbet in and then it all foams up and melts together? It was very popular on the LDS Wedding Reception Circuit circa 1990-1998. Anyway, fabulous.

Did you watch anything worthwhile this weekend?

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Karen said...

Yes, I did watch something worthwhile this weekend: North & South
=) It was so fun to hang out with everyone again. I loved it =)