Monday, November 16, 2009

BBC One has my unswerving devotion.

Every now and then I go through an Austen Renaissance of sorts. Something or someone will remind me how much I love Jane Austen.

This time the someone was my old roommate Alicia, who posted a link on my facebook wall, introducing me to the newest addition to the BBC One literary adaptation library.

Feast your eyes, lovelies:

Now, I will forever love the Gwyneth Paltrow version from my teenage years, but seriously folks, there are no words.

It doesn't hurt that the three potential suitors--Mr. Knightly, Mr. Elton, and Frank Churchill are all glorious to behold.

I just can't wait until they show it on Masterpiece Theater, because then it will be available on Yankee-friendly DVD, and I will buy it.

Also? Happy birthday, Mom!

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