Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Best Blog/Conference

Best Blog: 2009 was the year that a lot of my friends started blogs. So, welcome to the blog-o-sphere, friends. I would name you, and take the time to link to you, but I would inevitably forget one, and also? I'm three "best of's" behind!

Best Conference: By default, Women's Conference wins. Now, what's fun about thousands of Mormon women invading BYU campus and cat-fighting over fudge? Ask a BYU student/faculty/staff member/administrator, and the honest answer will probably nothing. I, however, do not go within 100 yards of the bookstore. I hunker down with my mom, aunt, cousins, and friends in the Marriott Center, listen to uplifting talks, and eat candied almonds. Also, I usually go to lunch with some former coworkers.

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David Hulet said...

COP OUT!!! You know I should have won this award... >.> I feel so totally gypped. <.<