Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Best Restaurant Moment of 2009

I love eating out. It's one of my favorite things to do. When I was living in Salt Lake City, I enjoyed discovering new haunts. Well, in the Avenues, a new restaurant opened up called the Wild Grape. I'd say it's probably in my top 5 restaurants in the city. And, since I lived so close, I was able to get there during non-busy times.

Another interesting thing about the restaurant scene in Salt Lake City is the period during spring when we all wait breathlessly for The Day We Can Eat Outside. Random snow storms usually push this day further and further back, but when it finally arrives, it's almost better than Christmas.

After a particularly rainy morning during the summer, the sun started creeping out mid-afternoon and by the time I got done with work, it was positively balmy. I drove past the Wild Grape and noticed they had tables outside, but no one was dining. So, I walked in and asked if they were seating people on the patio, fully prepared for the hostess to say no, but I'm pretty sure she conned a server into setting up table for me.

So, there I was, sitting by myself out on a lovely patio, looking out at a shady section of South Temple, and enjoying every minute of it. I jotted some notes about a novel I was thinking about writing, chatted with my server about life, and just enjoyed the general splendor.

Then came the food.

I blame my dad on my salmon snobbery. He just cooks it so deliciously every time that other salmon cookers have no chance to compete. Until now. This salmons was grilled to perfection, and it sat on a bed of shallots, spinach and sausage.

But we haven't even gotten to the Best Restaurant Moment. Until now:

Okay, seriously? I don't even remember what this was called. It was a cheese cake-esque custard of some sort, but instead of cream cheese, it was goat cheese. Yeah, you read that right GOAT CHEESE. It's a running gag in my family that anything can be made better with goat cheese. My dad tries to put it in everything.

It was drizzled with a honey-wine-fresh cherry reduction, and it was the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. Ever.

And at that moment, I knew what heaven tasted like.


Rachel and Jeremy said...

You write that like you're actually trying to compete with my best restaurant moment of 2009. It's sad, really.

Jenna said...

It looks like Panna Cotta. Was it?

Randy, Ally, and Wes said...

Two words: Food Envy.

Emily said...

have you had the panna cotta at Pizzeria 712? You are in for a treat.

Megan said...

Rachel: Please see my comment on your blog.

Jenna: It might have been...I couldn't check their menu because it's seasonal. In fact, the day I tried it was the first day they served it.

Alicia: Hee. I could really use some of that fudge you sent right about now.

Emily: Hi! Ooh, no, I haven't yet, but I do love that place! My parents really like the new restaurant Communal owned by the same people. I think it's 100 N, University Ave. I haven't been yet but I'm anxious to try it.