Thursday, December 31, 2009

Peace out, 2009!

So, just imagine that I finished the Best of 2009 series. I really meant to, but I wasn't super interested by the last few.

The moral to this story is that 2009 saw a lot of Bests and a lot of Worsts. I've learned a lot about life and challenge and everything, but I can't say I'm said to see the year go.

Here's to you, 2009, and the good times we had.

Stay tuned for the Resolution Recap and New Goals for 2010.

Right now, it's time to party with the fam.

Happy New Year!


MOM/SUSAN said...

I think our fam party was fab. Just the fact that I actually stayed awake the WHOLE time was something to celebrate. Now, on to the new year!
Hurray for us and 2010!

Rachel and Jeremy said...

And what an event it was! Although I don't know if Mom gets credit for staying up since she didn't hang out with us from 10:00 to midnight. Just saying.