Monday, August 16, 2010

Spend Free 2010: 5 Day Update

It's been five days, and I've spent $25 on gas. And that's it. And considering that one of those five days was a truly and horrendously stressful Friday the 13th, when at the end all I wanted was a huge burger and fries from Carl's Jr., which I didn't get, I think I'm doing pretty darn well. (See, the best thing about setting goals and being accountable is that I'm so not above showering myself in accolades.)

It helps that I spent the weekend at home, where my lovely sister and brother-in-law treated me to breakfast at Ikea. I also spent ample time chasing small children around the house. You can't spend money when you're too busy being the tickle monster. 

And who needs a cheeseburger when your dad grills tri-tip and pork loin and then cooks you s'mores for dessert? No one, that's who.

This week will merely be a continuation of the stress from Friday. And since I'm nothing if not a stress spender/eat-outer, I expect the next few days to really test my metal. My biggest enemy? The road construction that forces me to drive by Walmart, Wendy's, Del Taco, Dairy Queen, IHOP, Quiznos, a delicious Chinese place, a delicious Thai place, a cafe, maybe a pizza place, and Cracker Barrel (although, I haven't actually eaten at Cracker Barrel since living here, so that's not much of a temptation) on my way to work. That is quite the gauntlet for a person who can readily justify taking five minutes and five bucks to get a quick meal so she can enjoy more of her lunch break.

Anyway, five days down and fifty-five to go!

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MOM/SUSAN said...

You've done it for five days! You can do anything now--way to go Megan!