Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Broken Silence

Sorry for the lack of posts. All though, in all reality, I think I might have two readers. So shout outs to Yancy and Naomi, my two readers. And thanks Yancy, for offering me the welcome party to the World of Blog. I will rush like mad to post interesting filler.

So I started my Spring term classes today: Early British Lit and American Lit. The professor of the latter killed a forest to give us all of the houndouts. Seriously. Our class isn't that big, but it took her the first 30 minutes of class to pass out all of our ridiculous study questions. Not to mention the fact that there's at least sixty pages of reading PER class period. And this isn't some lovely science textbook full of pictures and things. Oh no. It's Native American creation lore and Beowolf. Shoot me now. A smart person would separate the sixty or so pages into thirty pages a day. Not me. I had to update my blog, and watch the second half of Hidalgo. I think that I forgot that someone once told me it was a long movie. Sure, I'll take two days to watch Viggo Mortenson and a horse race across the desert, but I'll procrastinate reading the Pocahontas legend into one night.

I really should sort out my priorities.

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