Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I have a confession to make...

The fact of the matter is that I am ridiculously addicted to Lost. Most people study during finals. Me? I finished catching up on the first season. I saw a man blow up, on screen. Today, I watched the all new episode and about had to breath into a bag. I'm better now, after talking to my sister and my good friend Britta (BREET-uh. Not the purifier.) It seriously was out of control. I've been pulling the double duty, and decided to watch both seasons at the same time. This approach isn't for everyone, but I've thoroughly enjoyed it. It has the tendency to annoy the people I watched the first season with. But hey, if they want to ask me questions at the risk that I might accidentally answer them with information from the second season, they're just going to have to take that chance. Pretty soon we're going to start up with the beginning of the second season, because I was still in Kentucky.

Anyway, all I can say, is that I am prety much as bad as Charlie on his heroin. And to make matters worse, is now offering STREAMING VIDEO of Lost episodes. Yep, thats right. ENTIRE episodes online for FREE. They have a really good recap up right now for all of you who are, well, uh, lost as to what's going on. Then, watch tonight's episode for some jaw-dropping surprises. Good times are sure to be had by all.


imaaudioslave said...

at least you have two readers..i have none!

Yancy said...

thanks for updating your blog. :)
and thanks for letting me know about the LOST recap being streamed on
I think when I get a moment to breath (say, tomorrow night sometime) I will watch it. For now, wish me luck on finishing grading finals before noon tomorrow. (Only 12 more hours).