Monday, June 12, 2006

Left-handed Compliments

For those who don't know what such a thing is, it's a statement that can be taken as a compliment or...not. For example: "Wow, you're a lot better at softball than I thought you were." Or, "Wow that was the most serious I've ever seen you" (paid when I was talking about how people need to stay the heck away from my feet, and in light of the fact that I've done more serious things like give talks in church.) Anyway, left-handed compliments are really fun to pay, although less fun to receive. So if you or a loved one has examples of such compliments, send them my way. Or, think really hard of one of your own, pay it to someone, and watch the confusion ensue!


Yancy said...

just wanted to let you know of two small errors you might want to fix (is this annoying that I'm saying this?).

I think you wanted to say "said" not "paid," and I think you meant to say "pay it TO someone" rather than "pay it so someone."


I Heart Megan

Megan said...

(yes yancy, it is annoying that you're saying this, since I just spent all week working on a poster for Sarah that ended up having a glaring error only to be noticed AFTER the hundered dollar print job. *sigh)

:) I heart you, too.