Monday, June 05, 2006

I don't know what just happened.

So it's true. I'm a terrible blogger. If blogspot had a stake, I probably should be burned at it. That's how bad I am. However, in my defense, I think I have two readers, and I doubt their quality of life is any worse off for me not updating.

But, the time has come, and I'm goint to try, very quickly to document the last month of my life.

Soon after the last post, I decided that reading 400 pages every two days was not the way I wanted to spend my summer. My friends and I vowed that this would be the Best Summer Ever, and I can't be bothered to have my nose in a book. So I dropped one of my classes and added Creative Writing. The professor was a little wary of adding me, but I wowed him with my creative knowledge and probably batted my big blue eyes a time or two.

Unfortunately, that weekend, I started to have a scratchy throat. Sound familiar, Yancy? The scratchy throat very soon became death by swallowing. Sunday rolled around and I really wanted to be put out of my misery. Luckily, my aunt lives in town now, and she took me to the doctor where I was diagnosed with strep and prescribed 5 days of antibiotics.

So, I stayed home on Monday, because I was still contagious, and by Tuesday, felt a lot better. But not completely better. I think I went to class a couple of times before I started feeling pretty bad again, this time with a bad cold that wouldn't go away It got to the point where my creative writing teacher decided I should petition to drop the class, as it was now past the drop deadline. So I go to the doctor, this time at BYU, who tells me my bad cold is really a sinus infection and gives me more antibiotics. (She actually prescribed me something I was allergic to, but I caught the mistake, and she switched me pills. FYI...This is important foreshadowing for later in Megan's Spring Saga) I start to feel tons better, I turn in my petition and life is fancy free.

A week went by and I found myself at home for Memorial Day weekend. Monday was perfect. I had a great time, and was glad to help my mom out. She was recovering from surgery a couple of weeks earlier. So we have a great barbeque dinner, potato salad, baked beans, and every good thing. As soon as dinner's over, my mom goes to take a pill, and comes back shaking like a leaf. I had no idea what was wrong with her, but we took her temperature and she didn't have a fever. Eventually she gets to feeling better, and I'm about to leave for Provo when I go in to say goodbye, and she's feeling awful again. This time she was white as a sheet, and burning up. She didn't want to go to the hospital because lets just say that American Fork Hospital doesn't have the highest reputation. But she got really bad, and I just broke down sobbing in the living room. Moms aren't supposed to get sick, especially not my mom. She takes fifty vitamins every day, for Pete's sake!

Finally my dad convinced her to go to the hospital so we all get in the car. He goes with her into the ER, and I go park the car. The thing was, I had to stay in triage. So I'm waiting out in chairs, freaking out, but Finding Nemo was playing on a TV. Thank's Walt, for distracting me in my time of need. Finally, my dad came out and brought me back. My mom turned out to have quite the fever from quite the infection. They admitted her, so I said goodnight, and drove home to Provo the next morning.

So Tuesday rolls around, and I go to work. Then my mom calls, from home, this time, and asks if I can spend Tuesday night at home, because my dad needed to go to Seattle for work. I was happy to go home, and the plan was that my aunt from Ephraim would come up and spend the week with her.

Wednesday afternoon: I get a call that my uncle in Ephraim is passing a kidney stone, so my aunt needs to go home. So I drive up right after work and end up spending all of Thursday at home. It was really nice... My mom was feeling a ton better, and I got a break from the world. That night though, I thought there was something crawling in my bed, eating me. I woke up in the middle of the night super itchy. And to really make things gross, I had gotten bitten on my lip so it swelled up. I didn't even want to think about it. The weird thing was that in the morning, all of the bites stopped itching.

Fast forward to Friday evening. I'm still taking my antibiotics. We're at Hollywood Video, and my upper lip started getting a little puffy, but we'd been out playing croquet at the park, and we all got eaten alive by mosquitos. So I figured I just got a bite on my lip. Not so. I woke up in the middle of FRIDAY night itching like crazy. I could feel that my entire lip was huge, so I went to look at myself in the mirror, and got really scared. My entire face was red, blotchy and puffy, and I had hives all over my body.

So, as if my month wasn't enough, I needed to be ridiculously allergic to yet another medicine. I think that things have finally calmed down now. But don't worry, I've long since learned to not hold my breath. It's been a humbling couple of weeks, especially since I just flunked a test that I took today. I guess that's what happens when you don't go to class more than half the time during the unit. What can you do?

So that's been my life. Exciting, huh? I thought so. But now everyone's caught up, and my new resolution is that my blogs will be more entertaining and more regular.

Peace Out.

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Yancy said...

thanks for the update. I'm glad to be one of two readers. :)
you should post more regulary, but then again...looks who's talking. I haven't been the best at updating either.