Friday, January 26, 2007

G. Love and the Special Sauce

The night began with fireworks, as, I've decided, most nights should begin. It was a decent show, but most of all I was excited to use the "fireworks" setting on my new camera. Turned out pretty will, wouldn't you say? I also think that fireworks are a welcome change to a boring, awkward opener. After five minutes of oohing and ahhing, we were about to experience G. Love.

Yep. G. Love and the Special Sauce was the name of the band. G. Love being a 20-something rapper, and the Special Sauce being a couple of older gentlemen playing various guitars, basses, keyboards and drums. I figure, if a guy can strut with confidence while wearing the name G. Love, more power to him. It was an entertaining concert for the most part. I particularly enjoyed the bit where he battled on the harmonica with a friend he had on as a guest, and when he used his microphone as a slide bar. Very impressive. After that, though, I started to get cold. I think I forgot to mention that we were up at Canyons ski resort. We drove up to Park City, rode the gondolas up the side of the mountain and enjoyed the concert in the village. Best of all, the whole thing was free. Anyway, as I was saying, I started to get a bit chilly, and a little nauseated because of the smell of beer and wacky-tabacky was getting pretty strong.

So the four of us - Diane, Kaara, Karen and I - made our ways for the cool trip back down on the gondolas ran (well I sort of hobbled, because I couldn't feel my toes) to the car and drove back to Provo. Probably the strangest part of the evening was when we tried to go to Denny's, but managed to go during the hour and a half out of the entire year that it ended up being closed. Honestly.

Now I'm working on getting Mary Jane's smell out of my coat. My roommate Lindsie's been nice enough to let me borrow hers in the meantime. I think one more wash ought to do it.


Yancy said...

yes. i was waiting for this post. sorry I couldn't be there to enjoy the festivities, contact high, and freezingness.

The fireworks setting on your camera does well. That pic looks good.

Karen said...

Nice picture of the fireworks! That was so much fun (ps- you never sent me the pictures from it... it's never too late). I personally wasn't too cold, though that could be because of the gazillion layers I was wearing. Also, could be because I was so high off the fumes... :D