Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All good things

Well folks, after all kinds of celebration and goodness, Birthday Fortnight 2008 has officially come to a close. I just finished my birthday lunch with the Internship Office ladies at Gloria's Little Italy. Nothing really says "Birthday Goodness" like a plate of pesto and the World's Best Chocolate Cake.

I realize too I haven't actually updated during the latter half of Birthday Fortnight 2008, so here's the skinny:

  • I graduated.
  • I moved.
  • I now live in the Cutest House Ever.
  • I watched Lost (and it blew my mind).
  • I have a backyard with a gazebo, barbecue, fire pit, and hammock.
  • I am really, really excited for Springtime in Provo.

Graduation was really surreal. I don't much like any of my graduation pics, because a) I look really, really tired (because I was) and b) my cap was way too small, so it looks a little dorky. Don't worry, the outfits under the robe were adorable, so maybe I'll just dress up in those and take pictures with my diploma holder.

Anyway, Birthday Fortnight 2008 has been the best birthday celebration yet, and I'm actually quite loving the idea of being 25. Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate! You're the best!

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SpAz said...

Um, AND we totally had the best shopping party ever! Why did that not make the recap? Don't you remember our romp through University Mall? I'm hurt...