Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wishes really do come true!

In addition to the four aims of a BYU education, I've had my own personal three aims: 1) Gain access to a key-coded lab of some sort; 2) Get an A-Lot sticker; 3) Climb that tall ladder up the smoke stacks and then rappel down the side.

Two out of three ain't bad, folks.

Yes, as of today, I'm the proud possessor of an A-Lot sticker! No more parking in the boonies for me! No more parking tickets from when I didn't want to park in the boonies! No more living in fear of the possibility of getting a parking ticket. Those darn Lovely Rita's are unpredictable.

What a great day.


Jenna said...

What are you doing that warrants such a prestigious honor?

Rachel and Jeremy said...

So...What is the second of the three? Did you rappel or gain secret lab access? You must have rappelled...

Incidentally, and this will not surprise you, I never have gotten a parking ticket. This is because, in part, I am Perfect. This is also because (and this is the primary reason) I never parked on campus. You are a real edge-liver.