Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CB and Me: We got things to do!

So for my sister's birthday, I volunteered to watch the Lovely Clara while my mom and Rachel went to Sundance for lunch. I'll be honest, I was a little nervous that Clara would not be convinced that Aunt Megan is tons of fun and would take good care of her. As it was, there were only a few anxious utterances of "Momma!" and a whole lot of fun to be had.
First we took a walk around campus, since Clara loves her stroller, and she was particularly pleased with the fountain in the courtyard of the JFSB. When she got tired of that, we went to the Bean Life Science Museum. She loved the animals: she meowed at the cats (cougars, leopards, etc.) cawed at the birds, and quacked at the ducks. I think she thought something was odd about all these animals, since they all stayed perfectly still. She got over it though when she saw the lions. She spent the rest of the time jumping with the pouncing lion and waving and laughing. Uncle Chris even rode his bike from work to his lunch break to take part in the fun.

Our last stop on the Trip O' Fun was to the Academy Library where she kept busy running around and climbing on the Clara-sized chairs. She did condescend to pose for my camera, for which I'm grateful.

Good times, friends. Good times.


MOM said...

You are the very best aunt/sister in the world. Rachel LOVED her birthday and being able to leave Clara in your capable hands. By the way, all of the photo's are adorable. I want you to send them to me so I can make a copy of one and frame it. So cute--you are a talent!

Suzi said...

She is super cute. And way to go on taking care of what sounds like an energectic little girl!