Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quarter Life Crisis

Author's Note: First of all, let's have a big shout out to Maren for letting me use her computer to post this while I wait for a new charger to arrive in the mail. Also, thanks for the Frosty.

There's nothing quite like revisiting an old favorite movie from teenagehood. Back in those days, we called them chick flicks instead of rom-coms. I think in those days fro-yo was frozen yogurt as well. Times, how they have changed.

Anyway back when I was 16 watching Never Been Kissed I pretty much thought two things:
  1. I hope I get kissed before I'm 25.
  2. Michael Vartan is hot.
Well, now that I'm almost 26 watching Never Been Kissed I thought some more things:
  1. 25 isn't that old. (As far as the kissing thing goes, I've found it's often more trouble than it's worth. Of course, Michael Vartain, nor anyone resembling him, has met me on a pitcher's mound before a high school baseball game. I think that's probably what I'm missing.)
  2. I enjoy being 25 much more than being 16.
  3. Life isn't like a movie, but it can be close if you know how to tell the story well enough.
  4. Michael Vartan is still hot (related thought: how did it take me that long to discover Alias?). If he, or anyone resembling him, wants to meet me on a pitcher's mound before a high school baseball game, I would be amenable to that.


SpAz said...

I'll meet you on a pitcher's mound! That sounds like fun! I'll even bring that yummy drink from Starbucks if you tell me what it is again...

Rachel and Jeremy said...

Nice. But seriously: do people actually utter the words "fro-yo"? What a world, what a world... I, of course, blame texting, Facebook, and Twilight. Those are the three donkeys of the Apocalypse, if you ask me.

Jeff said...

this reminds me of that one time i said "hey megan do you want to go on a date?" and then you said "yeah!" as i said "with nathan sharp?"

oh good times :)

Mallory said...

Ah, you are so wise. Also, I agree with Rachel about the "fro-yo" thing. Ew.

Diane said...

I have never heard the term Rom-Com before. I still call them chick flicks. Does this mean I'm old fashioned already? Is that the eyes of my future children's spirits rolling into the back of their heads that I can hear?... oh, maybe it's just my food spattering in the oven.

MOM/SUSAN said...

So good to hear you again Megan. I have absolutely no comments to make, except that perhaps, just maybe I feel older....somehow. I'm good with that.

Karen said...

Oh Megan, you make me laugh. sometimes being kissed IS more trouble than it's worth....sometimes. not always. heehee.
Ps- I also have never heard of rom-com, and still refer to it as chick-flick... I guess you can throw me in the old fashioned bucket too.