Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Be still my heart

My long lost coworker (she moved upstairs and I am bereft without her) invited me to a lunch meeting sponsored by AIGA SLC (American Institute of Graphic Arts, Salt Lake Chapter) at Caffe Niche in downtown Salt Lake. There are many reasons why I loved this. First of all, I love hearing people talk about graphic design. The event was called Shift.Option.Talk, which, if you have ever designed on a Mac, is just a cool name for a seminar. Last, and totally not least, I fell in love with Caffe Niche after visiting their website to peruse their menu options.

Look what greeted me:

The rest of these pictures I snapped with my camera phone, so they leave a lot to be desired, but I hope you catch my drift.

Finally, imagine this as a really big wall to serve backdrop to the speaker (image belongs to Caffe Niche):

So, this was extra cool because the speaker was there to talk about environmental graphic design, or the infusing of a space with the client's brand. Caffe Niche was a built-in case in point.

Tomorrow I'm off to an event called Slide Jam! at the Salt Lake Art Center. A handful of presenters have 5 minutes each to share their thoughts through slide images that have to do with a traveling exhibit called "Branded and On Display." I'm not much of a branding expert, but can appreciate good branding when I see it.

Isn't Salt Lake City great?

For those who care (Dad, I'm looking at you) I chose the Roasted Dame Sandwich for lunch: herbed goat cheese spread, roasted butternut squash, balsamic figs, arugula and lemon-chive oil on sourdough. Divine.


Mallory said...


I'm jealous. As usual. :::wistful sigh::: I can't wait to be a grownup. ;)

Rachel and Jeremy said...

I'm jealous mostly of the food. Sounds pretty TDF.

Good times!