Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Damask! Fonts! Love!

Today's Treats for Tuesdays (My themed days are all alliterative. Go with it.) is brought to you by my dearest friend (the fact that she's also my cousin is just bonus-filled icing on the cake) Mallory. Read about her here and for a little while here. Anyway, Mallory knows of my love for all things damask. She knows about my special "damask gasp" and often convinces me to buy damask things from Target.

Mallory also loves fonts, I'd say even more than I do. She's my go-to gal who always has the answer to the question: "What font should I use for.....?"

Last week, she shared this with me.

For those of you who may have been too lazy/busy/scared of clicking on the link, it's a page on dafont.com. It's a DOWNLOADABLE DAMASK FONT! Don't worry, I won't resort to typing all damask-coded blog entries (though don't think I don't want to, because I DO) but this has opened all sorts of doors for designing delightful damask things.

Some examples of the font:

Image courtesy of dafont.com

1 comment:

Mallory said...

I'm so proud to help share the damask love and have my discovery featured in your first Treats for Tuesdays post!