Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to break the ice

Have you ever been in the situation where you need to get to know someone right away? When finding common ground is not only desired but absolutely essential?

Well, in my hunt for housing closer to work, I found a pair of sisters who needed a roommate to help offset the cost of an apartment they wanted to rent. Today we met one another for the first time when handing in our applications.

We stood around outside the apartment chatting for awhile about important things, like whether Twilight is stupid.

For some reason, when that book is mentioned, the next logical step in the pop culture discussion is to bring up Zac Efron. Because he just hotter than Rober Pattinson. These are the facts, people, and it's my civic and moral duty to defend the truth.

Well, a 26-year-old female college graduate with the beginnings of a career admitting to a significant crush on the kid who makes tweens swoon tends to have a polarizing outcome. These girls, who I just met, would think I was either truly insane or in posession of excellent taste.

The way their eyes lit up at the mere mention of Zac Efron and the ensuing squeals of "we do too!" meant that they thought the latter. Even better? From here on out, I can be totally confident in being myself.

The moral of this story? Part of my "going all in" philosophy on life includes putting myself out there, warts and all, so that people know what they're getting. And sharing something mildly embarrassing is the perfect way to break that ice.


Chris said...

Who doesn't have a crush on Zach Efron?

Krystal Downs said...

Megan, where are you living?