Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thanksgiving will be over in just under an hour, and I'm about ready to go to bed.

I've wanted to do a Thoughtful Thursday post for quite some time, but usually by the time Wednesday is over, I'm too tired to think of anything. But today, I didn't have a lot going on. I slept in, cooked some food, made a pie, and spent time with family. Tomorrow will be more of the same, sans the food prep.

I find that I have plenty of reasons to be grateful, most of which might be considered "little things." For example, I'm grateful I caught the last few minutes of An Affair to Remember just now. I'm grateful my cranberry sauce turned out. I'm grateful for my gold shoes and some new rings I bought.

Then there are bigger things: I have job I absolutely love. In fact, most days I can't believe I'm finally getting paid to read and design books. I love my house. It's fresh and clean and warm. I'm grateful that I got to live for a whole year in the Avenues. I'm also in love with my car. Sometimes it's strange to think that I even have a car.

I have a family I adore. Seriously. They make me laugh until I can't breathe, and most importantly, they make me feel safe. I have great friends. They add the best spice to life. Honestly, to know me is to know that 95 percent of my anecdotes start with something like this:
  • "One time, my cousin and I . . ."
  • "Little Brother said the funniest thing . . ."
  • "I was talking with my sister the other day, and . . ."
  • "Can I just tell you why my parents are the coolest?" (This question is rhetorical.)
  • "Last time at book club . . . "
  • "My nephews and nieces are cuter than yours because . . ." (I usually only imply that last one. People would get offended if I just came out and said such a thing. It doesn't it make it less true, though.)
Most of all, I'm grateful to know what life's all about. I'm glad to know that even though right at this moment I may not enjoy everything I hope for, sooner or later I will. And trust me, I have quite enough to be getting on with.

And yes, I know I ended that sentence with a preposition. It's okay: I'm off the clock.

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Rachel and Jeremy said...

Noice! Great post, Meg-man.