Friday, February 12, 2010

O Canada

I'm watching the Opening Ceremony (apparently it's just one ceremony) and I'm kind of loving it. Yes, the China Spectacular was amazing, there's no doubt about it, but I love how Canada is just...rocking being Canadian.

I kind of wish Bob Costas and Matt Lauer would quit talking about how the goal for the show is to be intimate and personal. Whatevs. Just let Canada be unapologetically Canadian.

Anyway, so far I think everything has been beautiful. If anything, it's helped me appreciate the Canadian treasures we enjoy here in the U.S.
  • Nelly Fertado
  • Bryan Adams
  • Donald Southerland (just watch the second to last scene in Pride and Prejudice, and pretty much anything else he's been in).
  • Sarah McLachlan
  • Joni Mitchell
Mostly, I just love the Olympics. I love the excitement, and I love looking at the athletes' faces, especially the ones who are just in awe of being there. Also, I think the Georgian team was so brave for marching.

Anyway, here's to you Canada. Thanks for keeping our northern borders warm.

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MOM/SUSAN said...

Thank you Megan for putting everything Olympiad in the proper perspective. I am repentant.
You have the purist and most tender heart of almost anyone I know. You are a good influence on my sometimes cynical self.