Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Still Alive...Barely

I know.. Long time, no posty. Life's been good. I'm going to copy Yancy's "cliff notes" style to cover all the ground I've covered since last posting.

Since June 29, I...
  • welcomed my little brother home from Italy.
  • spent a lot of time with my extended family.
  • discovered that bold honesty is intensely liberating.
  • started spending time with a guy I think is pretty nifty.
  • worked some more.
  • went to California for a weekend to give a homecoming talk 8 months after being home.
  • realized how good I have it being at BYU.
  • roadtrips with Mom at the age of 23 aren't as fun as they once were.
  • found out I get to spend a week in New York in August to visit my sis and bro-in-law.
  • got strep throat for the third time since May.
  • am hoping to get my tonsils out in time to recover before fall semester starts.
  • signed a contract in an apartment across the hall.
  • realized that signing a new contract means moving. I hate moving.
  • spent July 24 floating the Provo River.
  • am now nursing a wicked sunburn.
Well, I think that's pretty much the flavor of the last month or so. Now that exciting things are happening, like trips to NY, surgery, and saying goodbye to the guy I think is pretty nifty, I'm sure I will have no trouble finding stuff to post about in the near future.

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