Monday, July 31, 2006

Weird, weird day

Blah, I don't even know where to start. Weird, weird day. I signed up for my new apartment today. Good news is, I get to move in when I need to, so that will be really good. But that's where the good ends and the weird begins. I was at work, like normal, itching for things to do. I left to take my break to send some packages and letters to some mission buddies. And during that ten minute break, I saw three of my least favorite people. Now, I know, I shouldn't have any least favorite people. But I do, and I saw them. It just started to get ridiculous. Two of them were some old and current flames' "Other Women." Here's the thing with women. We tend to be jealous. I'm sure it stems from low self-esteem and crazy insecurities, but there it is. We can get jealous. And so the fact that I saw two of these said "other women" all in a ten minute period, was eventful to say the least. Of course, I was nice, and I smiled and I insincerely asked how they were doing. Lucky for listening roommates and this blog, or I would have exploded. The last of the three was a zone leader from my mission. Ugh. And he hugged me. Ugh, ugh. Ugh. Luckily, he's married. Unluckily, he's now at BYU. Oh well.

Then, to top things off, I came home, got a call from an old mission companion, and went to visit her at J-Dawgs. On my way out I saw aforementioned current flame out for a run, and at J-Dawgs, I saw aforementioned old flame, for the first time in 3 years. Holy crap.

Oh well, I did get to work at J-Dawgs, and came away with a free polish and drink.

The day's not all bad.

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