Wednesday, October 04, 2006

That Awful Empty Feeling....

I know, miraculous that I'm updating. I doubt anyone is still reading this, but that's okay, I feel okay with sending my musings out into the void. What's more miraculous is that I have wireless access in the basement of the JKB during my least favorite class, so I figured I would be productive, albeit not so much from a academic view point.

Quick update: I said goodbye to a lot of things as the summer ended and fall began.
  • My tonsils and adnoids (although saying hello the the lovely medicine was not so bad)
  • A lovely boy I know
  • The blissful freedom of not having class or work for an entire month
  • Good friends who find themselves moving on to bigger and better things
I also said hello to a lot of things:
  • Good friends who'd gone away and come back
  • New classes
  • Exciting church callings
  • The must ridiculously busy schedule I've known in my lengthy college career.
Good times.

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