Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Story...

So once upon a time, the lovely princess got on her way to settle her religious financial score with the local religious leader. AS she walked up to her faithful steed, oh no! The lovely princess tripped and fell on the treacherous frozen snow. Not to be undone by the hardened precipitation, she regally rose to her feet and brushed herself off, and shook out the special bridle to help her faithful steed go. Off she went, settled scores, returned safely to the castle, and all was well.

The next morning, the lovely princess awoke, packed her things in preparation for a festive holiday visit with the king and queen, when the special bridle just refused to budge the steed. Not even the reserve bridle would work. With a magical and wondrous device called a cellular telephone, she rung up the king to ask for his sage wisdom. Luckily for the lovely princess, the king was wise and experienced in such matters, and offered his assistance. She took his advise and the faithful steed traveled once more.

The end, and Merry Christmas to all!

Translation: I fell on the way to my car for tithing settlement got my key wet, it froze my ignition overnight, and my dad told me to heat the key with a butane lighter. Worked like a dream!

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Joy said...

This story sounds faintly like the one that was started for another princess that never got finished. She is still waiting and hoping that maybe the story will help her find her prince. Just saying!