Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So today I went to Target...

There are a lot of things I love about where I live:
  • It's close (3 minutes) to work.
  • It's close (1 minute) to Smith's.
  • It's close (30 seconds) to a library (5 minutes if I walk, which I do, generally).
  • It's close (4 minutes) to a hospital, which is handy if I start bleeding profusely.
The downside?
  • It's far (30 minutes) from Target.
Today, however, I just didn't care. I needed to buy cute gift wrap, and Target is the place.

And, as Mallory, Maren, and my mother can attest, there is a special gasp I have when I see lovely damask things. It is totally and completely involuntary, but I managed to tone it down while alone in public since I didn't want people to think I was hyperventilating.

Beautiful right? Look closely and you'll see even the snowflakes are designed from damask.
Yeah, chances are, if you find me something damask, I will love it. Odds increase if you get it from Target. Or here.

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Randy and Ally said...

Very, very cute stuff. I'm jealous of your retail therapy session . . . but you can also be jealous. I practically live right across the street from Target. And Smiths. And the library. And the hospital, which was handy every time I needed to go in for premature labor (too many times)