Saturday, December 13, 2008

Finally, and at long last....


I really, really love my tree this year. It is pretty much the love of my life right now.

I love it in the day time, sans lights:

And, I love it at night, with lights:

I love it from outside:

I love it laying down underneath it and looking up like how they do on Grey's Anatomy:

I mean, that's one tree, with 125+ ornaments that all bring joy and happiness to my soul.

So there you have it. Merry Christmas.


SpAz said...


Rachel and Jeremy said...

Pretty! Love it. What a jolly holiday...

P.S. I think people may have laid (is that right? I hate that word) on the floor looking at their trees before the advent of Grey's. Just saying.

Rachel and Jeremy said...

may have lain? I hate that word.

MOM/SUSAN said...

At last. Thanks Megan. Now my Christmas joy is almost complete knowing that you have such an amazing tree to wake up to and come home to. Plus, just sitting on the couch and staring is good. And, FYI, the laying down and staring up was NOT created by the writers of Grey's Anatomy. We did it every year as soon as we finished decorating the tree! Talk about displaced memories.

Megan said...

Mom -- I honestly have no memory of doing that. I'm pretty sure if we would have tried you would have told us to stop for fear of getting sappy pine needles all over us. Are you sure it wasn't something you did as a small child? If so, then who's doing the memory displacing now?

I'm sure that the writers of Grey's did not in fact create the idea of such a thing, but most of my readership (all 5 of them) would know what I was talking about.

But I'm glad you like my tree. I do spend an inordinate amount of time sitting on my couch and staring at it.

Jenna said...

How did you get SOOO many ornaments? It've very impressive.

Megan said...

David: Thanks :)

Rachel: That verb is the bane of my existence. Even after taking English Usage, I don't think I'll ever understand it, but that's okay, because my professor said she has to continually (not continuously, see, I know that one) look it up.

Mom: I'm glad we were able to discuss our misplaced memories.

Jenna: It's called going to Walmart, and their 90-, 48- and 24-piece ornament packages. I probably had another 72 in the cart, but I had to cut myself off.