Sunday, March 08, 2009

Resolutions Revisited

The most important part of setting goals is accountability. This is what they told me on my mission anyway. I've meant to revisit my resolutions each month and while I've done so internally, I see no reason why I shouldn't let everyone else in on the fun.

  • My friend Ben is going to write for a half hour every day. I think I will join him. When I look at it now, this one is almost laughable. However, there are still 9.75 months left in the year to get better.
  • Write a novel. Not yet. And I probably won't revisit this one until October as I get ready for NaNoWriMo.
  • Write a screenplay. Getting ready. Script Frenzy starts next month, and I'm going to give it ago. Don't worry, I won't ask for your help like I did last year. Doing so turned out to be a fiasco. (Thanks for the 3 of you who did help. I appreciate it.)
  • Read 36 books I've never read (3 a month) I think I'm at 5. I should be finishing up 15 this month. I had better get cracking.
  • Enroll in an independent study British History course. Not yet. I'm thinking probably in the summer time. I have to save my pennies, in times such as these.
  • Learn Adobe Flash and make a short cartoon. Luckily, this is happening because work is endorsing it. I can make a glass of soda fizz, and I can sync audio with video. I would show you examples, but unfortunately the lesson on how to share and host video doesn't come until later in the book I'm working from.
  • Continue on the weight-loss journey. See below.
  • Go to the doctor. I've gone to the doctor, had echocardiograms, blood work, even had my saliva tested for Cushing's Syndrome. (Sound familiar? It was featured on House! Don't worry, not one of the life threatening ones.) I wanted to know if there was an internal reason for the rapid weight gain I experienced late in 2008. It turns out there might be some cause, but mostly it's going to take the ol' elbow grease to get back down to where I want to be. This week I'm signing up for a membership at the city athletic center. They have nice facilities and a swimming pool, not to mention Pilates classes on Tuesdays. Also, now that the days are getting nicer and longer, I'll be more likely to walk around this beautiful neighborhood I call home.
  • Swim in the Deer Creek Open Water Swim. We'll see.
  • Establish a regular sleep schedule. Getting better all the time. Part of this is keeping my room clean. The more of my floor I can see, the sounder I sleep.
  • My friend Jenna is going to read an Article from the Ensign magazine each week. I think I will join her. I've been reading my Ensign, but perhaps not as regularly as I should.
  • Study Conference talks. Have plans to finish up before April.
  • Enroll in Institute. Done and done. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It took me a couple of weeks, however, to get over the fact that the Institute instructor is a cross between my Uncle Stan and Benjamin Linus from Lost.
  • Increase my temple attendance. Between the ward temple nights, stake temple meetings, and once-monthly visits with my family, this one resolution has probably made the single greatest difference in my health and happiness. I love the temple.
  • Go visiting teaching in the first half of the month. This is true for half of my route. My companion is getting married in less than a month, so it's sort of hard to corral everyone together. However, I have become good friends with one of the girls I visit teach. How great is that? We even went out for ice cream after the above mentioned stake temple meeting with some other people in the ward. See Mom? I am making friends.
Well, for those of you who have read this far, thanks for letting me be accountable to you. As a bonus, I'll let you in on my goal for March: No reruns or repeats! This means no TV on DVD (unless, of course, it's a new-to-me show) and no movies I've already seen! I'll admit, I already fudged this a little bit by watching Two Weeks Notice last night with my roommate for our Saturday night in. There might have also been a lunch time viewing of Gilmore Girls. But no more, I say! This will also pertain to books. I have this pesky habit of rereading books. I really don't see much wrong with this, but this month, it's all new all the time!

How about everyone else? Still resolved?


Mallory said...

I think you are doing better at keeping your resolutions that I am. Perhaps I should revisit my list of resolutions...

Randy, Ally, and Wes said...

I am impressed with the ambitiousness of your resolutions! I didn't set the bar that high for myself this year, but I have been meeting my blogging goals for the past couple of weeks. Now if I can get baby to sleep through the night I can work on that novel . . .

Joy said...

you are doing way better than me considering that I have not even made any this year! Go Megs!

Rachel and Jeremy said...

Nice. Also, since I'm reading the other comments, my baby sleeps for 12 hours a night, as does my toddler, and I'm pretty sure I will not be working on my novel. Just saying.

A few more comments:

1. Uncle Stan-alike as 'Tute teach: cool. Ben Linus-alike... you'd have to drag me back. Creepy.

2. Sounds like you're ready to relaunch your foray into classic and classy!

3. Great idea about no reruns/repeats. We do that as well, so clearly it's inspired.

4. I may have more to say, but I hear some tears through l'il JB's monitor. Peace.

Maren said...

What the heck! You were supposed to tell me when you were signing up at the city center. I can't believe I'm so out of the loop....and I live with you.